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Im a little confused, I have already gotten aopk and ovulated on june 27. I am currently 8 dpo and Itook an opk cuz I know its to early for a hpt and when I got out of the shower it was positive and I mean just as dark as when I. 2016/07/10 · Hi, looking for some advice as I don't know much about ovulation tests. Basically I feel v pregnant and therefore do a pregnancy. Read more on Netmums Follow Us Follow Netmums on Facebook Follow Netmums on Twitter Follow Netmums on Pinterest Follow Netmums on Instagram. 2014/01/17 · My early pregnancy test result at 8dpo and a random postive opk ovulation test. Please subscribe and follow my ttc journey: FACEBOOK: /rain. 2007/09/13 · I have already confirmed Ovulation 8 days ago with opk's bbt and cm. So why would the opk still be positive 8 days later?: I have been reading that sometimes opks can turnand pick up hcg and I figured I'd give it a try. 2010/12/10 · So, I KNOW I ovulated on the 2nd of December which would make me officially 8 DPO, today. I have been having different symptoms these past 8 days. Well, I came home tonight and decided to take a OPK test and it came up positive. It had 2 lines and it didn't take long for them both to come up. I bought these tests at Dollar Tree to predict ovulation and just took one out of curiosity b/c I.

If you miss your period, you might wonder if you’re pregnant. Some women have symptoms of pregnancy as early as eight days past ovulation 8 DPO. We explain some of these symptoms and what they. 2012/06/15 · Hey there I'm getting confused! I'm using the CBFM.had an almost positive opk at CD9 then peaks on the CBFM on CD10 & 11. Which puts me at 8dpo today CD19. This morning I had EWCM didn't get any earlier in the month but. Positve opk at 8 dpo, Pregnant? I POAS everyday, So I know I ovulated feb 22nd, with positive opk, ewcm I kept testing everyday after ovulation,just because I cant help myself And today 8dpo I got a positive again. My cm after. 2016/03/05 · Hey hey hey! It's 8 DPO and I wanted to pee on something! So I decided to waste an OPK instead of a precious expensive pregnancy test. I am incredibky proud that.

Happy family I've used opk's to test before and the line was gradually getting stronger then when af due it was showing positive same time as pregnancy test BUT other cycles I've also had a stronger line on opk on approach to af as. Sure!: the opk detects your lh surge luteinizing hormone this happens hopefully before O so your positive opk means O is hopefully happening 12-48 hours after the positive but some ppl have more than one surge and then O or. A positive result on an OPK could mean you are near ovulation, pregnant, or the test is picking up an entirely different hormone or element. Or it may be negative even if a woman is pregnant. With a positive HPT there is no doubt; a.

So i took these today at 8dpo, tomorrow, friday, i'll be 9dpo. yesterdays opk was very, very, close to positive. todays opk was positive but i got a bfn on a pregnancy test. i know its still early, but does this sound like i could possibly. I'm currently on cd28 which makes me 8dpo. Yesterday 7dpo I took an opk coz I felt like it an it was positive. Test line was darker then the control which was shocking n confusing. I did another one about 4 hours later and it.

  1. positive opk 8dpo: Hi ladies just wondering why I would get a positive opk at 8dpo? I tested with them on the 10th & 11th and got positives so I thought I had ovulated as the test on the 12th was neg. Af is due in 2 days and sorry to be.
  2. Positive opk at 8dpo: Ok so I'm 8dpo today and decided to take an opk so I don't waste pregnancy tests. I ended up getting a positive on the opk within the time frame. I even had my husband take one to see if they were a bad batch.
  1. Positive opk at 7-8 dpo?: Why am I getting a positive now again at. 7-8 dpo? I last checked at 5-6 dpo and it was negative. Hpt last night and this morning bfn. It's my first month using opks. Ff predicted o last Wednesday and I had a.
  2. 2019/01/22 · Hey everyone, I took an OPK about an hour ago and it came up almost positive, the line is actually darker in real life than it looks on the picture. I took a HPT - although not a sensitive one and it came up BFN I know its so early.

8 dpo - almost positive OPK?? confused.. BabyandBump.

I'm totally confused as I believe I'm 6dpo, but feel slightly crampy so I decided to take another opk and it was blaring positive almost instantly at 5:40 am. I have no idea what this means. I also took a hpt which was negative but since I. 2012/09/15 · I tested with an opk on 8dpo this cycle and it wasbut hpt are - - still at 10dpo so don't think the theory is working for me - and my temps still indicate I already Od! and my cm and cp on 8dpo wasn't how it would be at O. 2009/12/04 · I did have a@8dpo & a high but not@16dpo. and faint to no lines in between. I think I was probably pregnant but it didn't make it. however, I had a medium opk at time of af being due and had a BFN. so that was confusing.

Actually, I used one of those digital ones, where a smiley face shows up if it is positive. That way there is no discrepancy trying to compare two lines. Definitely had a positive OPK on day 13 and ovulated on day 15 confirmed by. 2010/11/18 · I know I ovulated about 8 days ago, positive OPK and ultrasound confirmed I dropped 2 eggs. Bloodwork also confirmed this. A few days ago OPK was completely negative blank second line. The next day darker, then. Hi hun My answer would be yes, highly likely! If you are sure you have ovulated, then it is most likely the OPK is picking up HCG. I know that I got a positive OPK both times I got my BFPs one.

2018/03/19 · I've just done a clear blue digital dual hormone OPK which is what I used earlier in my cycle for ovulation days and its now a circle low fertility I know these don't pick up hcg but that IC ones do. What's the chances my positive. 2010/03/29 · I did a test at 8dpo and it was neg. Did another then at 9dpo and it was positive. Both tests were first thing in the morning. My BFP at 9dpo was super SUPER faint but a little darker the next morning but still super faint. I. Time to leave it at least a few days if possible and test again. If the positive opk was due to a secondary lh surge, then your period will arrive in the next couple of days. If the positive opk on Monday was due to a late ovulation, then.

Why would I have a positive opk at 8dpo? Yahoo Answers.

After testing twice a day for four months and getting negatives, I finally got a positive opk on both my strip AND my Clearblue!! I’m over the moon to see my body is doing what it’s supposed to! I. I know I ovulated 9 days ago because of my temps, my O pain, and my cm. Tested yesterday at 8dpo with Answer OPK, just out of curiosity to curb my addiction to POAhpt, and it was positive! so 9dpo today, did another a few hours. So, I am about 7 or 8dpo I know 100% that I ovulated because my temp went up, had EWCM, zits, sore bbs and horrible O cramps. Oh, and I was super horny sorry, tmi anyhow I have read that you can get a positive OPK if you are pregnant so I took one yesterday which was almost positive and then I took another one today which was positive. For days 5-7 DPO I had the same temperature every day @ 98.6, I'm a little nervous today. I am 8 DPO and my temp went up to 98.8, but when I went to the bathroom this morning there was a small spot of bright red blood with a little.

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